Information Systems for Public Good

A bit related to Digital Public Goods (DPG).

Communication cuts through distance (in the 3D physical realm, and also in the more-than-3D realms). Information dissolves fear arising from not-knowing. Better flow of information fosters communication. More communication leads to harmony (which includes the ideals of peace, love, security, justice, sustainability). This is the premise.

It’s already proven that better flow of information is useful. E.g. the “gains” from digital transformation in the private realm. It’s only a matter of time before the public realm gets the same treatment – application of information systems powered by compute power, where the profit motive is “public good”.

The “stack” for this is emerging/getting put together/is being ‘imagined into being’. It requires a sound understanding of the first principles of Public Good and understanding of Information Systems, and compute-based communication systems. Metrics, data models, algorithms, exchange protocols – they are all being shaped into being.

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