Worldview zoom level plasticity

An interesting thing to have:

Like the zoom levels available on digital maps (e.g., neighborhood, district, state, country, continent, whole Earth, Galaxy…), to have a mental+emotional feature/ability to view/think/feel about life and world in various ‘zoom levels’. And the plasticity to move between those zoom levels based on intuition.

As an additional dimensional layer to the worldview zoom levels, try for plasticity to move between points in linear time – past, present, future.

This is something that my brain and heart does and likes doing.

The Range and Depths of Human Experience

Excerpt from the post by Lisa Olivera. Read the post in its entirety on her Instagram page.

How deep it is, this process of being a human being. Deeper than all the bottom layers of the oceans combined, maybe.
There is so much to grieve, fear, hold, love, honor, do, act on, hope for, be with, process, remember, let go of, change, create, learn, unlearn. So much.

What I am no longer doing or trying to do:
Be an expert at anything.
Rush or lead from urgency.
Assume I know more than I do.
Pretend I need to know more than I do.
Punish myself for getting it wrong.
Belittle myself for what I’ve yet to learn.
Throw myself a pity party for being a person.
Using the same dehumanizing methods on myself I say I’m against.
Use the same judgments on myself I say I’m against.
Use the same language towards myself I say I’m against.
Hold myself hostage when I slip up.
Make myself bad when I prove my imperfections.
Forget there is nothing to prove.
Try to do 100% 100% of the time.
Leave my whole self behind.
Contort myself to be consumable.
Forget my belonging.
Make viral posts instead of human posts.
Avoid joy or play or ease or rest.
Avoid doing the necessary work.
Avoid making these things one or the other.
Bypass my needs as if that betters anyone or anything.
Bypass my desires as if that betters anyone or anything.
Ignore my intuition and inner knowing.
Look away when pain approaches.
Looking away from the hurt of the world.
Act like I don’t make a difference.
Act like my voice doesn’t matter.
Feel guilty when I forget any of this.

by Lisa Olivera (original post)


Ode to the Quantum Children

For you would know beyond
an authority God
command and control
doctrines and dogmas

For you would know peace
as something native, elemental
and not as a temporary/relative pause
amidst unending chaos.

For you wouldn’t have the need to argue
for you see it all, at once, all the time.

For you don’t feel the separation,
for you are not separated and you’ll know it.

For you feel love and only love
for you are love and only love and you’ll know it.

For you wouldn’t seek infinity through determinism
for you wouldn’t need to
for you’ll be infinity in/at every moment
and you’ll know it.

For you, beloved Quantum Children,
would be in that paradise, which for us now
lies beyond the bounds of determinism.

Oh you are all on the way there/here already, aren’t you.
And you are all already there and living, breathing, being.
Awaiting our arrival.

We are on the way, on a path of dynamic/fluctuating distance.

It’s a good thing, it’s a relief
that time isn’t a deal-breaker in this.

Alternate title: Ode to the Quantum People

Also, apologies for the ‘incorrect’ usage of the technical term/the form of poetry – the ‘ode’.

Connections: From fear/power to love. Moving from aggressive/toxic masculinity.

From fear to love.

From fear-based hunger for power to love.

From competition to co-operation.

From judgement to fundamental, universal respect.

From aggression to gentleness.

From distressed nervous systems to calm, free nervous systems.

As thoughts-feelings about the ever-continuous move from fear to love kept happening, I came across these connections:

  1.  The Divine Feminine and the Power to Change the World
    “But something much deeper is going on. Masculine behavior has run its course as the model for power. The arms race, world wars, civil conflicts, and an insane buildup of atomic bombs symbolize masculine aggression reaching some kind of apex that is also a dead end. The urge to fight and to turn competitors into enemies, nations into armed fortresses, and everyone into winners and losers won’t save a planet that needs emergency medicine.

    We find ourselves in a drastic state of imbalance because one entire half of the human psyche, the feminine, has been suppressed, violated, or ignored. The human mind isn’t a chaotic morass.”

  2.  I Don’t Want to Be the Strong Female Lead

    “I thought back to the films I watched and stories I read burrowed deep in the stacks of the library. I began to see something deeper and more insidious behind all those images of dead and dying women.

    When we kill women in our stories, we aren’t just annihilating female gendered bodies. We are annihilating the feminine as a force wherever it resides — in women, in men, of the natural world. Because what we really mean when we say we want strong female leads is: “Give me a man but in the body of a woman I still want to see naked.”


    It’s difficult for us to imagine femininity itself — empathy, vulnerability, listening — as strong. When I look at the world our stories have helped us envision and then erect, these are the very qualities that have been vanquished in favor of an overwrought masculinity.


I don’t believe the feminine is sublime and the masculine is horrifying. I believe both are valuable, essential, powerful. But we have maligned one, venerated the other, and fallen into exaggerated performances of both that cause harm to all. How do we restore balance? Or how do we evolve beyond the limitations that binaries like feminine/masculine present in the first place?”