Ode to the Quantum Children

For you would know beyond
an authority God
command and control
doctrines and dogmas

For you would know peace
as something native, elemental
and not as a temporary/relative pause
amidst unending chaos.

For you wouldn’t have the need to argue
for you see it all, at once, all the time.

For you don’t feel the separation,
for you are not separated and you’ll know it.

For you feel love and only love
for you are love and only love and you’ll know it.

For you wouldn’t seek infinity through determinism
for you wouldn’t need to
for you’ll be infinity in/at every moment
and you’ll know it.

For you, beloved Quantum Children,
would be in that paradise, which for us now
lies beyond the bounds of determinism.

Oh you are all on the way there/here already, aren’t you.
And you are all already there and living, breathing, being.
Awaiting our arrival.

We are on the way, on a path of dynamic/fluctuating distance.

It’s a good thing, it’s a relief
that time isn’t a deal-breaker in this.

Alternate title: Ode to the Quantum People

Also, apologies for the ‘incorrect’ usage of the technical term/the form of poetry – the ‘ode’.

Connections: From fear/power to love. Moving from aggressive/toxic masculinity.

From fear to love.
From fear-based hunger for power to love.
From competition to co-operation.
From judgement to fundamental, universal respect.
From aggression to gentleness.
From distressed nervous systems to calm, free nervous systems.
As thoughts-feelings about the ever-continuous move from fear to love kept happening, I came across these connections:

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Economics where Love is Viable

Economics in which

kindness is not ‘loss-making’
fundamental respect is never a ‘cost’
judgement is discouraged
value of something will not be measured on just ‘convenient’ methods
definitions are considered ‘work-in-progress’ until they work nourishing-ly and sustainably for all, and not just sweet deals for some.
living based on compassion and kindness is not a ‘cost’ that works against you (same as the 1st bullet above)

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A cross-over from Fear to Love

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