Imagining into being: “Demosynergy”

“Demo”, derived from “Demos,” which means “people”;
“Synergy”, derived from “synergia”, which conveys the idea of collaborative effort or cooperation to achieve a common goal.

From Democracy to Demosynergy.

Key improvement :
The move from “cracy” to “synergy”.

While it definitely is an incredibly valuable and meaningful achievement, Democracy was/is still a “-cracy”, which is about “wielding” power.
In the case of democracy, the power was/is to be “wielded by the people”. It’s the “rule of+by the people” – as opposed to things like autocracy and aristocracy.

Compared to autocracy and aristocracy, in Democracy, the basis changed from one person/elite class wielding power over everyone else to masses/people deciding on who should wield power.

But there is something that did not change at all. And that’s the “wielding of power” part.

It just changed hands/characters. (This change of hands was, of course, an important and brilliant change.)

But I’d like to imagine something that’s not about “wielding” power at all. Not even when the power is wielded by the people.

Where there is no “wielding” at all. Where there is no “holding” of power at all. Instead, where there is “flowing” of creativity/harmony/collaboration.

I’d like to imagine into being, something where things are based on collaborative creation / co-creation. Sustainable, harmonious co-creation with everything on Earth. Being driven by a decision/liking to respond with the best creative responses when doing anything.

From the rule of power to the rhythm of joyful creation.

Respectful, harmonious, sustainable co-creation.


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