Learning about C-PTSD

Learning about C-PTSD (or Cptsd or CPTSD) has been making a lot of sense. For me, it helped by providing a relatable structure to so many thoughts I have been having. Formless, structure-less, feeling-based thoughts.

Cptsd acknowledges invisible trauma. Relational trauma is a major invisible trauma that can be at the root of a lot of adult issues. I am of the feeling that, invisible trauma is what causes […] Continue Reading…

Ask questions. Apply kindness. Move.

The post follows a stream-of-consciousness style. The summary/TL;DR is – attempting to apply/adopt kindness when encountering impasses and frustration. The hope is that it will improve the quality of life and unlock solutions that otherwise may not be reached.

There would be questions in you that you would like to be answered. There would be questions that you are aware of and questions that haven’t formed yet.

We’ll focus on […] Continue Reading…

Seeing, letting go, reaching down, staying close, shape-shifting, redeeming.

It is asking you to transform,
and change doesn’t happen when we hold onto too much—
it occurs when we allow space to come between things.
So let go.
Give away what you no longer need,
burn the pain that you carry,
release it all.
Slow down for a minute, darling.
– from Elephant Journal

“We need not accept the choices purveyed to us by life as we know it.” Subvert, transfigure, redeem.
– from @brainpicker, Maria Popova

“yes. […] Continue Reading…