Languages, more languages: the drive to communicate

We noticed the sounds coming from our throats and built languages on top of it.
We noticed the on-off rhythm of electricity, and made a binary language on top of it (programmable electronics). We then created additional programming language layers on top of it – of varying complexity and use-cases, in response to various felt needs and ideas. Just like how we have many languages.

New languages also sparked new media. New media took our intentions/thoughts/feelings farther, faster, and in richer detail.
The binary language now even handles non-binary language through sheer compute power.

Through all this, one thing is clear: the desire/drive to communicate seems to be a fundamental desire. Whatever state we are in, we seem to keep trying to communicate – communicate more, communicate better. Almost like we are driven by an inkling, a knowing, that communicating can take us to better places, that communicating can take us to harmony.

Driven by this desire/inkling, we keep finding new ways to communicate. And our story is far from over.

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