Seeing, letting go, reaching down, staying close, shape-shifting, redeeming.

It is asking you to transform,
and change doesn’t happen when we hold onto too much—
it occurs when we allow space to come between things.

So let go.

Give away what you no longer need,
burn the pain that you carry,
release it all.

Slow down for a minute, darling.

– from Elephant Journal

“We need not accept the choices purveyed to us by life as we know it.” Subvert, transfigure, redeem.

– from @brainpicker, Maria Popova

“yes. yes I do. have the right to be this lush and neverending”

“i have a life to garden.
a multiverse to wake from sleep.”

“the warmest light is your body”

– from Nayyirah Waheed

I formed my ideas/understanding of the world, life and existence from my parents, teachers and caregivers. Growing up, I took in much more words and images. Trying to understand what’s within. Now, to pause seeing the world, life and existence as they are often or rarely told, shown. To not be fed ideas about what’s inside by things out there. To pause seeing the world through newspapers written and sentences spoken without quite much thought. Without enough thought put insofar as to soothe me. And then to start seeing while holding hands with the voice inside that often speaks in a language of feeling. (Could be love. To start seeing with love.)

To see the immense blankness and rich quiet that all the newspapers try to frantically cover up and try to save me from. To choose not to feed on cultivated noise. To get dazed by the blankness and deafened-muted by the quiet so that I might hear a drop coming out of my heart, if it were to come. get to hear the drops coming out of my heart. And then slowly, the drops coming out of dear, fellow hearts. Some dearest.

End qu/n-otes

Love is the quality of attention we pay to things” – poet J.D. McClatchy

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity” – philosopher Simone Weil

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