Of Dusty Mess and Cleaner Air

All this mess we seem to be stewing in right now could be the dust rising from opening doors long closed. Or discovering new ones. It could be us getting caught off-guard, nudged and sometimes pushed. All this mess could be us feeling irksome of  seeing particularly non-flattering realities. Of having to navigate uncharted waters. Again.

A mess can be dealt with. Dust can settle. Like it’s said about how each generation tends to think they are the most special ones ever to live, it could appear as “this is the most messy the world has ever been.” That being a perfectly valid feeling when you are caught in the thick of it, it might do us better to try and not dwell there for too long.

Because a mess can be fixed and dust can settle. If and when that happens, I wouldn’t want to be too attached to the dusty mess to stand clueless breathing cleaner air.

It should be obvious enough but it’s amazing nonetheless, how we try to keep it together even when the dust is thick and visibility is challenging.

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