The way Dustin Curtis does it

This guy, Dustin Curtis gets his portfolio built with unique designs for each post/article he write. Totally awesome.

Meet Dustin Curtis, an UI (User interface) & UX (User experience) designer. He’s the guy who voluntarily came up with a stunning redesign for (the American Airlines website) for which he was replied to by a lead designer at

More importantly, it’s about something else that I typed-up this post. He lives at which is a simple HTML page with some personal info and links to his best writings. It’s not just about the content but the way he presents it.



Every single article has an unique design, which is custom-built for the subject. You expect a designer of his kind to have a portfolio page. But Dustin Curtis haven’t got one. It’s better to say he doesn’t need one. Every single article of him stands testimony for his awesome sense and skill. He creates his portfolio with the stuff he writes and designs for himself, rather than throwing up a list of stuff he made for ‘clients’.

Totally check out, there are some really great pieces of art there.
Isn’t this a great way of doing things ? Yes, it is. Don’t you think.