Economics where Love is Viable

Economics in which

  • kindness is not ‘loss-making’
  • fundamental respect is never a ‘cost’
  • judgement is discouraged
  • value of something will not be measured on just ‘convenient’ methods
  • definitions are considered ‘work-in-progress’ until they work nourishing-ly and sustainably for all, and not just sweet deals for some.
  • living based on compassion and kindness is not a ‘cost’ that works against you (same as the 1st bullet above)

Economics that reflect, support and inspire an evolution from fear to love, from power to love.

Photo by Becca Tapert

For further research:

  • Degrowth
  • Universal Basic Income (here’s a video on this)
  • Social Dividends
  • Gift Economy
  • Sacred Economics (book)
  • “A business can be a model for a new social & economic order”
    – Proposals for the Feminine Economy (book)
  • “Anything without a monetary exchange value is {considered} invisible, outside economic logic. These “externalities” are the counterpart of Galileo’s excluded subjective properties (only that which can be measured, denominated, counts). They are also counterpart to the “other” that technology makes of the world. Herein lies the fundamental difference between modern economies and natural ecologies.”
    – The Economics of Other (book chapter)
  • Interest and Self-Interest (book chapter)
  • “The logic of interest is the logic of an addict. It assumes that always and forever, we will find some way to feed an endlessly growing need to consume. ”
    – The Crisis of Capital (book chapter)