The Games

“[…]And yet, as a culture that worships at the altar of immediacy and instant gratification, we continue to romanticize the largely mythic notion of the overnight success, overlooking the years of struggle and failure that paved the way for some of humanity’s most admired and accomplished luminaries.”


This celebration of youth, coupled with technology, has distorted our perception of time — the world moves faster, and so do our […] Continue Reading…

Libraries in Malls

photo credit: phoebe photo (FeeBeeDee)
Malls are convenient spots for some quality urban leisure. And libraries are enriching spots. Mix them up and you get a wonderful place to have some quality, enriching times.
It could be located among the top-most floors, giving it a calm-er atmosphere than the other floors.
There could be some open-to-all sections in addition to the members-only area. This way, the occasional/casual readers will not […] Continue Reading…

A thing or two about History

The nature of History has changed. It’s no more a past-thing, but present-things with parts of future-things. The imagery of History we are acquainted with can be finally discarded. We have managed to catch up with our past which was lived by people who were busy setting up things and platforms that they couldn’t document much. So we had to appoint historians and we did, and they have […] Continue Reading…