The Choice of Mind Fuel

Imagine that there are two fundamentally different fuels available to run the engine of the human mind.

Fuel of Fear and Fuel of Love.

Imagine that there are two fundamentally different fuels available to run the engine of the human mind.

Fuel of Fear and Fuel of Love.

But the possibility to choose from the two wasn’t really available for many centuries — fear was assigned as the default fuel and that setting remained mostly non-editable.

But the choice is now opening up — starting in the private realm of individuals.

It’s now possible to change the fuel type of your mind engine from the dirty fear-based fuels to the cleaner, sustainable love-based fuels. This can be seen as analogous to/in-pairing with, the human search for cleaner energy sources and the renewed vigor to value environmental/ecological sustainability.

It might be until 2100 (or a bit sooner or later) that the choice of love-based fuels becomes the norm. But individuals can get started right away, if they want to.

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Story of Life

Story of my human life is one of moving from fear to love to more love to unconditional love. It involves continuously showing up to the unknown while growing a deep tether to my heart. Feeling about myself like a butterfly. Surrounded with flowers. Offering flowers as my offerings. Continuously showing up to be amazed by love and its myriad forms which I would not have imagined, had I not answered the call to stay open to the unknown. The call to stay open to discovering, experiencing more and more love.

Sometimes my written/spoken language falls short of carrying the feeling/essence. I don’t strain. Feeling it, being it, is…enough.

Reframing Goodness

Goodness is often seen/understood based on outcomes.

“Did an action lead to a favorable outcome? If yes, that’s a good action.”

Now, reframe Goodness based on the experience of the doer of the action.

“Did your action feel life-affirming, enriching, respectful, heart-captivating and loving while you were in the action? If so, that’s good”

I feel that actions that felt life-affirming, enriching, respectful, heart-captivating and loving while being done, will inevitably have positive, nourishing, pleasant, loving outcomes.

I feel that it is possible to move from considering goodness from a deterministic perspective – as something based on the judgement of outcomes – to a relational perspective – as something that’s performed with a respectful, loving intention from the heart.

To move from the learned habit of isolating/separating ourselves from the process, inhabiting a ‘neutral observer role’ and applying deterministic, non-relational, non-dynamic, static, absolute truth-seeking and meaning-giving to everything about the human experience of life.

Not about a flavorless, sterile non-attachment. But a non-attachment to outcomes because all the joy is already felt in the doing/being of the action.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”

– Rumi

Worldview zoom level plasticity

An interesting thing to have:

Like the zoom levels available on digital maps (e.g., neighborhood, district, state, country, continent, whole Earth, Galaxy…), to have a mental+emotional feature/ability to view/think/feel about life and world in various ‘zoom levels’. And the plasticity to move between those zoom levels based on intuition.

As an additional dimensional layer to the worldview zoom levels, try for plasticity to move between points in linear time – past, present, future.

This is something that my brain and heart does and likes doing.