Ethics on Chip

Ethics on Chip – to be read like the ‘System on Chip’ (SoC) in electronics.

What’s it?

An electronic, hardware-level element/module that sits on the circuitry of electronic devices – smartphones, computers – which ensures that those devices remain protected from being used unethically.

For example, in the case of training machine language models, and running recommendation, prediction, suggestion, decision models.

Think about Ethics on Chip (EoC) along the lines of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) by the Trusted Computing Group, and Application-specific integrated cirtuits (ASICs). It’s like an ASIC for ethics – an integrated circuit to embed ethics into electronic devices.

This idea/thought emerged while engaging with the topic of ethical AI and trustworthy AI, and the broader discussions about AI and society. It is also an example of Applied Public Interest Technology.

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