Acer Aspire 5738G is home

Short review of Acer Aspire 5738G laptop and things to note while reading online reviews and opinions. And, a bonus tip where you could win a HP dv6 laptop and a HP Mini, together!

This post was typed on the good looking, great performing, well-built and extremely power efficient Acer Aspire 5738G laptop. After an extensive research on the laptop market, I made my decision in its favour and I must say, it proves to be a wise decision indeed.

Acer Aspire 5738G

My requirements just didn’t fall entirely under one category and that’s a big reason why it took a bit long in the research phase! I needed aย  pretty much powerful processor – Core2Duo to be specific – and enough memory to complement it. I wanted the screen to be at least 15″ in size. And in order to stand eligible for the free Windows7 upgrade program, I needed at least Vista Home Premium to be factory-installed on it. Above all, I was on a limited budget. And there was this one, Aspire 5738G offering all these plus many features more (including a dedicated nVidia 512MB GPU). There wasn’t any reason at all, to keep me away from buying it. I got it for Rs.42,500 (including tax of 4%) which on batteries with power saver mode enabled, lasts for around 5 hours on minimal use and 3.5-4 hours on normal use and 2.5-3 hours with WiFi on; which is pretty great considering it’s performance.

The thing about product reviews

One thing that I learned about the (user-contributed) product reviews and opinions is that, always take them with a pinch of salt. Some people tend to talk about a product or post a review, when it malfunctions or doesn’t work the way they expected it to. Remember that while there is this guy who is disappointed with the particular product, there are hundred others who is satisfied and are happily using the same product.

Read (user-contributed) comments and reviews only to shortlist 3-5 products. Do not base your final decision on them. Andย  it’s advised to read the reviews at CNET,ย  TrustedReviews (UK targeted), PCWorld and such corporate reviewers. In this context, Test Freaks deserves a special mention. It’s a review aggregator. You specify a product and you get to see reviews and comments on it, pulled from all over the web. But what makes it really stand out is that they’ve got expert ratings and reviews too, apart from user reviews.

And one question I’ve been asked much is, how is it possible for a company, to offer something at a much lower price than another company’s product with similar specs. I think it’s the brand value that plays the big part there. For instance, HP has got a higher brand value than Acer and costs more with similar specifications. Also factors like place of assembling influence the price.

And hey, a bonus tip: HP is giving away 25 packages, each package containing a Hp dv6 entertainment notebook, a HP Mini, an awesome backpack and Syncables software to keep the note and net books in sync. A friend of mine, @binoyxjwon a HP Mini the last time HP did a giveaway. Give them a try. You never know what’s the next awesome thing gonna happen to you.

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  1. in my lappy also games not appears in full screen & black borders sidebye…..if any solution advice plzzzz!!!

  2. lol

    How lame can shubham and mev getโ€ฆ

    U just got to adjust the screen resolution in your game settings. ๐Ÿ˜›

    like i hadnt tried that….

  3. actually the graphics card renders like that only. If you set resolution at 4:3 aspect ratio, the screen is not stretched. We can only have fullscreen with no blank spaces if you play the game at 16:9 aspect ratio i.e. 1366×768 / 1280×720 / 852×480 resolutions. You can play at other resolutions but you have to set the aspect ratio at 16:9 from the in game menu.

  4. I am having the same problem as sushnat. My game won’t let me change the resolution to the ones you suggested. Another problem I’m having is that when I press a button on the keyboard, I can’t move the mouse using the mousepad at the same time. With this problem, its very difficult to play FPS games because I can’t move my look around and move at the same time.

  5. hey guys i heard acer has recalled 5738 series for some heating issues, i wanted to buy the same 5738g but having second thoughts also what type of ram does it come DDR2 or DDR3 please help jose

  6. @deadndivine

    Every game has the scope to change the resolution. May I know which game r u playing?
    And playing FPS with mousepad, that needs some serious skill. Don’t u feel uncomfortable? Man, get a USB mouse, it just costs 300bucks (Logitech). Or ur hands will pain.


    Yes, some units were recalled but they were manufactured before June 2009. And 5738G uses 4GB DDR3 RAM.

  7. getting serious heat on my leg after 10 mins of usage the serial number isnt on the list that needs new bios update…umm is this th enorm with this product???

  8. @aravind jose
    Thanx man, actually the laptop is good and good things need to be appreciated.

    That heat is normal for any laptop. Actually a desktop generates far more heat but no one cares about that. It’s cool. Make sure to use the laptop putting on a table or some hard surface. Actually air vents get blocked when u use the laptop on bed and it heats up enormously to damage any component inside.

  9. i m considering this model but with the Tri-def 3D screen
    are u all using the same?
    how is it if any1 has idea about it
    does having 3D film coating disrupt the screen clarity when using only 2D option
    pls guide asap as i m seriously in need of lapi and want to buy it fast

  10. Oh boy, this page is getting a lot of comments it seems. I had subscribed in earlier. Lucky your laptop, I had plans to write about mine, but didnt make it. Now its too late. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. i am playing NFS most wanted help me how to adjust the resolution i am getting black borders in the side

  12. Hey guys, my 5738G overheats too when playing demanding games like Call of Duty modern warfare 2. I’ve heared that a BIOS update fixes this but I can’t figure out how to install the update I got off Acer, any suggestions will be appreciated.

    I get the same problem with the resolution on some games. I play Warcraft 3 which does not allow you to change the aspect ratio to 16:9. Any ideas?

  13. Yeah, been pulling a lot of traffic.
    May not be too late. Add some twist to it like – “x months and my laptop is a breeze. Dell Studio REVIEW”

  14. There is a bluetooth button above your keyboard just next to the wifi button. Press that to activate your bluetooth and then you need to open the bluetooth software in your start menu, you’ll get all the relevant options there

  15. I have had no problems with my 5738G. It’s a great laptop. And I’m coming from desktops all my geeky days. I recommend it to anyone who has a smaller budget but wants quick processing and great performance.
    I had never heard of Acer before coming to the ME, so it was not my first choice. HP had a great notebook, but when I saw the price difference and features 5738G had, I was sold.
    No problems.

  16. Hey, i also have the 5738G, great laptop but after now almost 9 months of having it, i have overheating issues in some games. I contacted acer and waiting what they will suggest!

  17. why thus my acer can’t install windows xp…and i want to make dual boot..
    but the laptop cant run>>…what should i do?

  18. @Samuel
    Goto BIOS and change IDE to AHCI mode. You will be able to install Windows XP.

    Any reply from Acer regarding heating issue.

    I have been using the laptop since November 2009. Yes it has nasty heating issue but I later solved it completely by undervolting the laptop CPU. Please find it here
    Now I dont have any shut down due to overheating nor I have any performance issue.

  19. Hello,

    In Dec 2009 I called for a new Acer Aspire 5738G laptop with preloaded win 7 basic from Dubai. All has been well so far until recently I get a warning message saying ‘Consider replacing your battery’. Can somebody help me? Everything else is working perfectly.

    The configuration is 4GB DDR3RAM, 500 HDD, A graphics card and a core 2 duo processor of 2.4GHz.

    Thanks in advance,


  20. @ Siddharth

    Thank you very much for your input. I followed the guide you sent to undervolt my CPU and that seems to solve the overheating problem. I’ve sent my notebook back to Acer 3 times and they kept sending it back to me unfixed so I’m really very grateful for the advice. My CPU used to cut out at around 95 degrees centigrade but now never goes past 88, still pretty hot I haven’t played around with the settings too much so I bet I’ll be able to get it lower.

    @ Tanveer

    I know a bit but I’m not an expert, but I’d say an error stating “Consider replacing your battery” indicates a problem with the battery. A faulty battery can cause major damage through the rest of the notebook especially on your motherboard so I’d have this checked out asap. If you only bought it in Dec 2009 then you should be able to replace it under warranty.

  21. @ All

    Does any one have a solution for ATI Radeon 4570 driver update. I have tried updating driver both from ATI and Windows update. I have even tried Mobility Modder. But driver does not seems to have compatibility. I end up either with BSOD or no display at all. Does any one have any tricks for updating ?

  22. Hi, I purchased this laptop early this year yet I can’t get the bluetooth working. I have the button but when I press it I get an image of bluetooth symbol with a red X in a circle. I can’t find anything about bluetooth on my computer. Do I need drivers? I just installed drivers but doesn’t seem to work either. Can someone help me out? Thanks

  23. @ Vivek,

    Have a look at the reply from Siddharth to solve the overheating problem. I’m not sure what Acer did wrong on this notebook to make it overheat so much but following these steps really helps. I’ve gotten the temperature on my CPU down to 68 from the 95 cut off temp when running a stress test on it.

    There’s nothing wrong on the graphics though, just keep in mind that it’s a mid to low range card so you won’t be able to use anti-aliasing or such. So far I’ve been able to play every game I installed, just not on the best graphics settings

  24. I’ve purchase ACER Make laptop ( 5738G ) before 14rh Months. And from last 30 days my laptop is not in working condition just because of No Display.

    So, i have given my laptop to ACER service center at Ahmedabad in Gujarat. They have detect the problem that this was happen because of NVIDIA 512MB Graphics Controller is heated.

    Now they have try to get Graphics Controller From Acer company and they said their is no availability of same components (NVIDIA Graphic Controller 512MB)in the Market and Acer company not giving this components to their Authorized dealer even.

    And they have suggested that i need to change the Whole Mother Board.

    At this point i am requesting you as a gentle person that give me a link so i can buy from their.

    dear friends according to my words please please do not buy this Laptop. because i got much problem in this. Go for HP, Sony or Toshiba,

  25. i bought 5738g laptop 2009 oct. battery back was initially 3hrs gave. but now with out power it is not working. if power has gone system will shut down. battery is not good. so please rectify the battery problem

  26. i have some issue with my ACER Aspire 5738G, it shutdown when im playing games and the backside of the laptop is getting to much hot. i have read one comment that Acer was recalling this model for heating issue. Anyone having the same problem?

  27. @jhojo

    Normally I would just copy and paste a previous reply but you didn’t bother to read any of the posts here did you? There are not that many posts, have a look and you’ll find the answers

  28. i have aspire 5738G with window xp
    i am facing problem with blutooth device .i download bluetooh drive from acer website and installed but device is not working .when i click the bluetooh icon this mesge show
    (bluetooth device not found
    please verify that your bluetooth device is proparly conected and turned on)
    i have also a blutooth button on top left side
    when i prees this buton nothing happen
    plz help me

  29. All you that have the Bluetooth problem (I had the same).
    Install foxconn broadcomm wireless bluetooth driver.
    It should be in a attached CD/DVD in your notebook packed box.
    Or search it on.
    I did it & now everything works fine.


  30. i am having problem regarding my ati radeo512 in graphics card. it is currenty in 512 mb dedicated. how can i increase the graphcs memory?

  31. i have some issue with my ACER Aspire 5738G, it shutdown when im playing games and the backside of the laptop is getting to much hot. i have read one comment that Acer was recalling this model for heating issue. Anyone having the same problem? jhojo my son is experiencing the same problem of laptop shutting down during gameplay.Any one any ideas??

  32. my laptop(Aspire 5738g) hard disc got corrupted due to which I am not able to access the recovery partition and I didn’t even burn a recovery disc so could anybody having a recovery disc uploaded so that I can download it.. Plz help

    Windows 7 home premium(x64)
    4GB RAM
    ATI radeon HD 4570 Graphic card

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