Libraries in Malls

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Malls are convenient spots for some quality urban leisure. And libraries are enriching spots. Mix them up and you get a wonderful place to have some quality, enriching times.

It could be located among the top-most floors, giving it a calm-er atmosphere than the other floors.
There could be some open-to-all sections in addition to the members-only area. This way, the occasional/casual readers will not be left out.
There could also be some system similar to a prepaid-card which would entitle a person to access the members-area for a specified amount of time.
The lending service could be made a members-only service.

Why does this make sense?

The infrastructure needs like electrical system, parking, security, air conditioning, restrooms will all be taken care of centrally.
Malls are already established places of interest and it makes only sense to add value to it.

Would you rather visit an individual library with minimal infrastructure or a library in a mall that offer much more comfort & convenience?

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5 thoughts on “Libraries in Malls”

  1. Thats something very useful, as well as, practicable. This idea of library-in-a-mall, would indeed prove to be a successful one, as today the malls are quite a spot in the urban life and also, a library, which has a informative-cum-relaxing aspect, will be a perfect add-on to the malls, apart from the usual leisure factor !
    Big appreciation & support for this wonderful concept you put forward.

    Best wishes !

  2. I love this idea. Sometimes I hang out at Reliance Fresh Timeout, at Oberon Mall. You know its like a library. Pick a Book and then there is Cafe Coffee Day.

    On a different note, The cost per square feet is generally very high at a Mall. Hence from a Business point of view, am not sure if this is a feasible idea.

    A library need a large space. To cover up that cost we would need a lot of premium members. But if someone could pull that off, I would love to be part of such a library 🙂

  3. Yes, the Reliance Timeout at Oberon Mall is awesome. Actually, a recent visit is behind this spark 🙂

    The fact about the cost/investment is very valid.
    Maybe a stripped-down version of this could be more feasible – like, a dedicated lending service with limited in-store-reading-space.

    As you said, if someone could venture it out, it would be really great.

  4. Interesting. There are definitely distinct atmospheres in both a mall and a library. The two that come to mind are somewhat opposite: opportunities to buy and own vs. opportunities to relax and learn for free. I like both, but it seems to me the two would clash. Who would pay money to go to the library? Are there some special, ancient literature books there that you wouldn’t normally have access to? Would people head to the mall to look at those books? I wish I could go to one to see how it actually works. Maybe a huge used/new book store is more practical. You would still be able to sit and read, but you would exchange money for the privilege of taking the books home and owning them. Then again, libraries are funded by the taxpayers, and a library would be a welcome break in a mall. Lots to think about…

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