A thing or two about History

The nature of History has changed. It’s no more a past-thing, but present-things with parts of future-things. The imagery of History we are acquainted with can be finally discarded. We have managed to catch up with our past which was lived by people who were busy setting up things and platforms that they couldn’t document much. So we had to appoint historians and we did, and they have done their job.

We can take it on from here. History is everyday. It changed it’s nature. Everything being done or happening anywhere is archived in real-time, seamlessly and almost automatically. There will be no more sitting-down-to-write-the-past. There needs to be only searches into the upto-the-second archive. What is left for historians to do is, maybe compile this archive, which is vastly spread-across, into different categories/time-periods to facilitate the searches and to offer content for those who are not searching for something specific but wants to know about things in general.

It’s a colorful future ahead and as such, the history will be colorful too.

3 thoughts on “A thing or two about History”

  1. You have wonderfully theoretised the end of History & the beginning of New History. What you have presented is the real philosophy of history. Congratulations!

  2. Awesome!This is indeed one among the most beautiful facts about the New World!’Histoy is everyday!’..:) totally love this piece..

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